29 March, 2019


No matter the irrigation type, the process of water supply includes four steps :

  • Collection
  • Transportation
  • Treatment
  • Distribution

Water treatment intented to irrigation requires a filtration station, which represents a crucial phase, as it garantees the perfect operation of the irrigation system. The filtration type to go for generally depends on the requirement of the system (trickle irrigation, spraying or micro-spraying) on one hand, and the water quality on another.

The filter choice, in turn, depends on the installation, the available pressure, and the required filtration fineness. There are five types of filters :

  • Gap filters : Precise filtration using micro-irrigation.
  • Strainers : Security filters for lightly loaded water.
  • Strainers with automatic backwash : Heavily loaded waters.
  • Sand separating filters : Bore waters loaded with sand.
  • Sand filters : Waters heavily loaded with algae and organic bodies.