29 March, 2019


This hydraulic element assures water delivery, from collective networks of pressurised dispensing.  It allows us to start and cut the process of water supplying without pressure surges, mesure the provided quantities, adjust the oval pressure, and limit the flow of the water intake.
It’s characterised by a good resistance to corrosion, with a coating on its outer surfaces.

A terminal is basically composed of a terminal body, and/or a socket, as additional equipment.

A terminal body includes :

  • A flanged inlet base.
  • A sealing device.
  • A distribution box with one or many ouTputs.

The socket, in turn, includes:

  • A counter.
  • A pressure controller.
  • A debit limiter.
  • An outlet connection.

These are some of the best studied benefits of this system:

  • Good adaptation to all soil types.
  • Precise control of applied doses, which provides a good watering efficiency.
  • Excellent efficiency of pipeline networks, which reduces water consumption for surface irrigation, when combined with a good efficiency of parcel watering.
  • Facilitates the measuring of water consumption.
  • Allows to easily mix fertilisers and pesticides with the irrigation water.
  • Removes wasted areas from canals and ditches.