29 March, 2019


Its main purpose is pumping water or other liquids. But it could also be used for other purposes, such as supplying with water from canals, low lands drainage, or getting rid of used waters onto the treatment site.The pump house’s role is to recompress the the fluid as it’s flowing, in order to compensate the loss occured during transporation.

The compressor’s power depends on the land’s configuration (rugged or not), the distance between the two stations, and the crude’s density/viscosity.
Since the pipe line usually goes through desert, cold and scorching areas, the whole set is controlled using a automatic remote computer program.

The pump is the key-element oft he set, as it’s very difficult to transfer water from the collecting point all the way to the customer relying on natural ways. The solution is to use a hydraulic pump.

A pump-house is composed upstream and downstream of the following equipments :

Upstream :

  • A suction tank.
  • A suction pipe and a suction valve, in case a pump isolation is needed.

Downstream :

  • A divergent, to reduce the speed of the water, to the speed allowed in the delivery pipe.
  • A discharge flap, to prevent water back-flowing once the pump is off.
  • A discharge valve to prevent pressure surges inside the pipe.