29 March, 2019


The geomembrane is a civil engineering adapted manufactured product. It is thin, flexible, seamless and fluid proof. The impermeability of this product effectively prevents water leaking, as well as the migration of polluants through the soil.

There are three types of geomembrane :

  • Thermoplastic geomembrane : derived from either high or low density polyethylene, or  polypropylene.
  • Elastomeric geomembrane (EPDM).
  • Polymer-modified bitumen.

Welding has also three types, depending on the product :

  • Heat-fusion
  • Volcanization
  • Adhesive strips

The most common uses are:

  • Water basins sealing.
  • Hill side reservoirs sealing.
  • Sealing of anti-polution retention basins.
  • Sealing of burried walls.
  • Active barrier for the waste storage lockers.
  • Liquid waste containment.