29 March, 2019


After 20 years of experience in waterproofing (storage ponds, sewage treatment plants, landfill…), we dispose of a sufficient know-how in the field. On one hand, our society has high-quality and certified products handled by a qualified team. On the other hand, our installation system is follows by all the international norms and rules.

Fixed hedges

It’s a fixed cover system that prevents algal bloom and reduces water evaporation, thanks to its double-coated woven mesh, that provides a high level of shading (>97%), as well as a good rain water infiltration ability.

Floating covers

The level of the coat depends on the level of the liquid sealed filling. Therefore, the excess of material  that stays in the creases is maintained in place by weighting lines and floating bodies.

The method is adaptable to the site.

  • Potable water storage : the coat keeps the water clean and prevents ist evaporation ;
  • Brine or chimical solutions concentration / Protection of the brine against rain ;
  • Protection against odors. In which case the covering system is completed by a biogaz collecting device.